Basismaterial FR2

Phenolic resin paper Laminate FR2

Phenolic resin paper Laminate FR2

  • Halogen-free laminates (1,5mm) out of  phenolic resin paper
  • High dielectric strength, excellent insulator in high-voltage technology
  • Very good processing, high tool life
  • 35µm copper cladding (copper foil, single side)
  • Optionally uncoated or with foto positive coating of the copper foil
  • High quality positive resist with short process times
  • Produces according:
    – UL:    E103670
    – VDE:    Reg. Nr. 4158
    – BSI:    6741
  • Option:
    Phenolic resin paper/ Pertinax without copper lamination, Thickness 1,0mm or 2,0mm

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    Product Description

    Phenolic resin paper Laminate FR2

    Phenolic resin paper laminate FR2 is an easy to use laminate for making printed circuit boards.

    The single-side laminate is available with laminated copper foil (35µm) or with photo senstive coated copper foil.

    Pertinax plates without copper foil often will be used as isolation plate in electronic industrie.

    Additional Information


    100 x 100mm, 100 x150mm, 100 x 200mm, 200 x400mm, 300 x 400mm


    single sided copper, single sided photo positive