Soldering Unit

Soldering Unit

  • Aluminum cover with thermally isolated solder crucible and with guide rails for Flux- and Soldering frame
  • 220V/2000VA heating plate , temperature control with temperature setting by potentiometer (front side) up to 360°C
  • Stainless steel crucible, depth 12mm
  • Small volume of solder, short heat-up time
  • Aluminum angle profile (front and rear side) to lead along the solder carriage, thereby ensuring defined penetration depth of PCB.
  • Bimetal clock thermometer
  • Includes accessories
    Soldering carriage with weels and springs for fixing the boards, adjustable inner rails
  • Spare parts

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    Product Description

    Soldering Unit

    …for tinning, soldering and desoldering
    The soldering machines work according to the dip soldering principle. The contents of the solder tin container are heated up to the working temperature of the solder tin and are then used as an open soldering surface for tinning of cables and components, for soldering assembled boards, for desoldering components and much more. at your disposal.
    The soldering machines consist of an anodized aluminium housing with a 2000 VA heating plate.
    The soldering machine is equipped with a flat stainless steel tray.
    For the tinning of assembled flat modules, they are clamped into a soldering trolley after assembly, the surface to be soldered is activated with a flux and after the activator has dried, the modules are placed manually on the surface of the tin bath. Guide rails limit the immersion depth. After soldering (approx. 10 sec.) the board is removed from the soldering bath with a quick movement, vertically upwards, and deposited for cooling.

    • Temperature controlled, stepless temperature adjustment up to +360°C.
    • Lottery pot made of stainless steel
    • Low soldering tin requirement, short heating time
    • Bimetal Dial thermometer
    • Soldering frame with rollers, adjustable central web for mounting boards

    Additional Information

    Dimension (W x D x H)

    295 x 260 x120mm, 440 x 260 x 120mm