Galaad 3

    GALAAD 3

    GALAAD 3

    • runable on all computers with Microsoft operating system Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista
    • Fields of application: milling, engraving, dispensing, laser cutting
    • Various additional modules available, e. g. Milling, CNC programming, 5-axis machining

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    Product Description

    GALAAD 3

    • Integrated 2,5D Vector CAD-CAM Software for 32 bits native Windows
    • All-in-one“ software concept for the whole prototyping process, separate modules for possible special applications
      • Workpiece design 2,5D or 3D CAD software
      • Toolpath definition by CAM Software
      • CNC driver to control motion control unit
    • Usable for 2,5D milling, engraving, cutting, dispensing (e.g. glue, liquides)
    • Special module for making PCB (Copper CAM) available.

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