Spray Etching Device

    Spray Etching Device

    • Three acrylic plastic tanks with drain trip, mounted in a frame made of PVC profiles
    • Self-lance motors (DC-voltage)
    • Adjustable plate holder for receiving the printed circuit boards
    • Glass heater mounted inside the etching tank
    • Control unit with switched power supply for motors
    • Drip pan made of PVC plastic, glass thermometer

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    Spray Etching device

    Main feature of the Spray Etching Devices are the spray tubes. They are moved by an powerful DC-motor and while turning the etching liquid will be sprayed evenly onto the etched surface.
    Thus a fast and accurate etching is achieved.
    The device consists of a frame wich fix three acrylic cuvettes. The cuvette are indivitually emptied and provided for the single work steps  „Developing – Etching – Rinse“ of making PCB.
    For power supply the DC-motors and control the heater a separate control box with switches is mount at the rear side of the device.
    Due to the clear acrylic cuvettes, the etching is always under control.

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